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    LION EFFORT 2024...

    Price Kč150.00

    Official embroidered Lion Effort 2024 patch

    Patch for participants of the LION EFFORT 2024 exercise, held in May 2024 in Čáslav

    Velcro patch,

    diameter 10 cm.

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    SNOWCAT patch 211SQN

    Price Kč140.00

    Introducing the 211SQN SNOWCAT patch - a symbol of courage and pride that commemorates the legendary STEADFAST NOON 2023 aerial exercise. This unique artifact will not only highlight your passion for aviation, but will also become your daily inspirational companion.

    The 211SQN SNOWCAT patch is made of high-quality materials that guarantee its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The detailed design and authentic colours reflect the significance and importance of the aerial exercise in which the patch was first introduced. This gives you a unique opportunity to wear a piece of history that reflects the courage and professionalism of the pilots involved in the exercise.

    Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exclusive group that proudly wears this symbol of aviation excellence. The 211SQN SNOWCAT patch is the perfect gift for any military history and aviation enthusiast, as well as those looking to enrich their collection with unique and meaningful items.

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    Nášivka 25. let NATO

    Price Kč140.00

    Discover the Exclusive Gripen - 25 years of NATO

    Commemorate a significant milestone with our limited edition Gripen air patch, issued to mark the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic joining NATO. This unique patch is not only a great accessory for avid collectors and aviation history buffs, but also symbolizes our country's pride and long-standing partnership with NATO.

    The patch has been carefully designed to reflect the prestige and importance of this event. By using durable materials and precise workmanship, each piece is a testament to the exceptional quality and care that has been given to every detail. The Gripen on the patch is depicted in a dynamic and impressive pose, emphasising the power and elegance of the machine.

    Buy this patch and be part of the celebration of 25 years of cooperation with NATO, or give it as a valuable gift to lovers of aviation history and military tradition.

    • New

    DANGER Keychain

    Price Kč100.00

    Introducing the Gripen Keyring - an essential accessory for every aviation enthusiast and admirer of military technology. This original keychain with the inscription "DANGER" not only impresses with its unique design, but also adds a touch of adventure to your everyday life.

    Made from quality materials, it guarantees long life and resistance to wear and tear. The red and black design with the clearly visible warning inscription "DANGER" inspires respect and highlights your interest in aviation, whether you are at the airport, in the garage or meeting friends.

    Not only is the Gripen keychain a practical and functional accessory, it's also a great conversation piece that will spark curiosity and admiration from those around you. It is an ideal gift for avid collectors, aviation enthusiasts or veterans.

    100% polyester

    • New

    PULL TO EJECT Keychain

    Price Kč100.00

    Introducing the PULL TO EJECT keychain - an essential accessory for every aviation and technology enthusiast. Inspired by the iconic inscriptions from fighter aircraft cockpits, this original keychain not only stands out with its attractive design, but also serves as the perfect conversation piece with other aviation fans.

    Why choose the PULL TO EJECT keychain?

    The GRIPEN - PULL TO EJECT keychain is made of durable materials that guarantee long life and high wear resistance. Its bright red colour and striking lettering are designed to stand out and catch the eye wherever you go. In addition, its practical size ensures that the keychain won't get in the way even during active use.

    The keyring is the perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts, technical enthusiasts or as a stylish and original accessory for anyone who wants to brighten up their keys with something special. It is ideal for everyday wear, whether you are on the road, at work or on adrenaline-filled adventures.

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    RBF Gripen

    Price Kč100.00

    Introducing the Gripen Keyring - not only practical, but also a stylish accessory for every aviation and safety enthusiast. This original aviation keychain with the inscription "Remove Before Flight" is inspired by the safety signs used in the aviation industry to signal important safety checks before take-off. The Gripen keychain is designed to highlight your passion for aircraft while raising awareness of the importance of thorough preparation and safety.

    This keychain is made of high quality, durable material that guarantees long life and excellent wear resistance. Its vibrant colors and distinctive design ensure that your keys will always be easily recognizable and safely stored. The Gripen keyring is not only a practical accessory, but also becomes an expression of your personal style and interest in aviation.

    100% polyester