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  • T-shirt JAS 39 GRIPEN

    Price Kč380.00

    T-shirt JAS 39 GRIPEN. 

    T-shirt with the motif of the JAS 39 GRIPEN aircraft with an annual colloring for the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Air Force and the NATO TIGER MEET 2018 exercise.

    Material: 100% cotton, 190g /m2.

  • XTM 2021 patch

    Price Kč130.00

    211SQN XTM 2021 patch.

    Patch 211SQN for the annual Tiger Meet, which will take place in Belgium at Kleine Brogel AB

    With velcro.

    • New

    NTM 2023 patch

    Price Kč150.00

    Official 211SQN rubber patch for NATO Tiger Meet 2023

    Patch for Tiger Meet 2023, which corresponds to the color of the aircraft JAS 39 Gripen ev number 9244.

    - size 10 cm

    - Velcro

  • Keychain KRYŠTOF 6

    Price Kč100.00

    RBF keychain KRYŠTOF 6

    Shredder 13x3 cm

    Výsledky překlRBF keychain KRYŠTOF 6 Shredder 13x3 cm

  • Pin GRIPEN 3D

    Price Kč80.00

    3D pin GRIPEN. 

    JAS 39 Gripen badge for clipping on lapel, hat, etc. Size 3x2 cm.
    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

  • Tshirt MiG-29

    Price Kč390.00

    Limited edition of MiG-29 T-shirts, which were created based on maitanance plans of the original technical documentation of the airplane.

    In Czech Air Force MiG 29 was the most advanced interceptor aircraft of Russian manufacture. His service began in 1989 and ended in 1994, when at the end of 1995, all 10 MiG-29 were exchanged with Poland for 11 Sokol helicopters.

    100% cotton 200 g / m2

  • MiG 21 Tshirt

    Price Kč390.00

    T-Shirt MiG 21 FISHBED. 

    A limited series of T-shirts of the legendary MiG 21 fighter, flying over the entire Eastern Bloc for over 30 years.

    4 generation of pilots and technicians has served on this A/C and it became a flying legend.

    material: 100% cotton

    190g / m2