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  • Military GRIPEN Cap

    Price Kč380.00

    Military style Gripen cap with patches.

    Size S-M also suitable for children

    Size L-XL suitable for adults

    Made of quality cotton.

    Material: 100% cotton.

    Výsledky překladuMilitary style Gripen cap with patches.Size S-M also suitable for children size L-XL suitable for adults made of quality cotton. Material: 100% cotton.

  • Triko NTM 2017

    Price Kč380.00

    NATO Tiger Meet 2017

    211 SQN T-shirt with the motif of aircraft coloring at NATO Tiger Meet 2017.

    The T-shirt was an official addition to this exercise and was worn by the participants of this exercise.

    Material: 100% cotton, 190 g / m2

  • Painted By Air - SU 27

    Price Kč490.00

    Painted By Air. Limited edition!

    T-shirt with Ivy HONKOVÁ reproduction with the artistic image of the SU 27 motif.  

    The painting was created after shot downing a Russian bomber Su 24 byTurkish missile over Syria.

    Both pilots managed to eject on time ,but one of them was killed by ISIS. Also died member Russian rescue search team. He flew in rescue helicopter.

    Unisex, 180 g/m2, 100% cotton.

  • ALIEN TIGER Tshirt

    Price Kč490.00

    T shirt with original paintig of Mi 24/35 Hind. Alien Tiger has won 1st place - The best Tiger Painting during NATO Tiger Meet in Zaragoza. 

    The HIND is used by 221 Tiger squadron from Namest nad Oslavou.

    Author of the painting Iva Honkova.

    100% cotton

  • Tshirt MiG-29

    Price Kč390.00

    Limited edition of MiG-29 T-shirts, which were created based on maitanance plans of the original technical documentation of the airplane.

    In Czech Air Force MiG 29 was the most advanced interceptor aircraft of Russian manufacture. His service began in 1989 and ended in 1994, when at the end of 1995, all 10 MiG-29 were exchanged with Poland for 11 Sokol helicopters.

    100% cotton 200 g / m2

  • Tshirt MiG-23

    Price Kč390.00

    Limited edition of MiG-23 T-shirts ,which was created based on plans of the original airplane maintenance technical documentation.

    In aviation history MiGs 23 have unforgettable place in both fighter and bomber versions that were used in aviation regiments in the former Czechoslovakia.

    MiG 23 was or still is used in the military arsenal of many countries around the world.

    100% cotton 200 g / m2

  • MiG 21 Tshirt

    Price Kč390.00

    T-Shirt MiG 21 FISHBED. 

    A limited series of T-shirts of the legendary MiG 21 fighter, flying over the entire Eastern Bloc for over 30 years.

    4 generation of pilots and technicians has served on this A/C and it became a flying legend.

    material: 100% cotton

    190g / m2