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  • RBF sweatshirt

    Price Kč790.00

    REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT sweatshirt.

    A high quality sweatshirt is a great addition to your wardrobe. Made from quality materials, this modern sweatshirt offers comfort and style in one. With a sleek 211 SQN Gripen design, Remove before flight lettering on the back and a comfortable fit, it's perfect for everyday wearing. Let yourself be carried away by the lightness and freedom of flight with this stylish flight sweatshirt.

    Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester


  • Gripen Display Team 2023

    Price Kč390.00

    Gripen display team 2023

    T-shirt with the motif of the demonstration team of the JAS 39 GRIPEN aircraft.

    100% cotton

  • Winter cup GRIPEN

    Price Kč390.00

    Winter cap 211 SQN

    with an engraved logo on Eco leather.


    Material: Polyamide

  • Czechoslovakia RAF Tshirt

    Price Kč450.00


    commemorating the Czechoslovak RAF squadrons operating in Her Majesty's service during the Second World War

    Material: 100% cotton


    • On sale!

    QRA CREW T-shirt

    Price Kč380.00

    T-shirt JAS 39 GRIPEN - QRA CREW

    T-shirt for members of the Baltic Air Policing 2022 mission, who have been guarding the airspace of the Baltic republics since 1.4.22.

    100% cotton. 150g / m2

  • Triko NTM 2017

    Price Kč380.00

    NATO Tiger Meet 2017

    211 SQN T-shirt with the motif of aircraft coloring at NATO Tiger Meet 2017.

    The T-shirt was an official addition to this exercise and was worn by the participants of this exercise.

    Material: 100% cotton, 190 g / m2

  • ALIEN TIGER Tshirt

    Price Kč490.00

    T shirt with original paintig of Mi 24/35 Hind. Alien Tiger has won 1st place - The best Tiger Painting during NATO Tiger Meet in Zaragoza. 

    The HIND is used by 221 Tiger squadron from Namest nad Oslavou.

    Author of the painting Iva Honkova.

    100% cotton